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Animal Hospital in Brownwood, TX

Guitar Veterinary Services in Brownwood

Guitar Veterinary Services Inc. is a state-of-the-art equine veterinary practice providing hospital and ambulatory services to Central Texas and beyond.  Located just five miles south of Brownwood, TX on Highway 377 S., our practice consists of 95% Equine, the remainder of which is dogs, cats and other small animals.

Animal Hospital Brownwood, TX

Our reproduction services for horses include stallion collection & semen freezing. We also provide embryonic sexing and embryo flushing as well as recipient mare care. Our veterinary staff has conducted a wide array of equine reproduction services including foaling and neonatal care.

We are a full-service veterinary hospital with x-ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, in-house lab work, endoscopy, and surgical capabilities for routine surgical procedures.

Experienced equine veterinarian at your service!

As a life-long horse person, and cutting-horse competitor, Dr. Guitar  understands the needs of today’s owners, and has the unique ability to provide you with both the latest clinical skills and compassionate care you expect for the equine members of your family. 

Our Story

Equine Veterinarian Brownwood, TX Dr. David Guitar and his wife, Mitzi, happily relocated to Brownwood, Texas, where they have been busy building, developing and expanding Guitar Veterinary Services since August of 2004. 

Prior to the move to Brownwood, they had an animal hospital practice near Houston for 25 years, followed by an equine practice in Southern California for five years.

The Guitars moved to Brownwood TX, located in Central Texas, because they fell in love with the people, the community and lifestyle.  They decided to establish the practice on their beautiful ranch with a goal to provide a state-of-the-art, equine-focused practice providing 24/7 health care.

Their hard work and determination has paid off, as the practice has grown from zero to over 375 patient treatments monthly.  They average over 20 new clients a month, with horses being their primary patients.

Dr. Guitar’s equine veterinarian practice has not always focused on horses.  When he graduated in 1972, the opportunity to specialize was much less common.  As a result, he had to be flexible and adaptable on his choice of patients.  He has practiced medicine and surgery of all kinds on birds, snakes and even zoo animals.  “I've had the opportunity to fix broken legs in Iguana Lizards, treat African lions and gorillas for stomach ulcers, do hysterectomies on baboons, perform vasectomies on monkeys, and heal elephants with kidney disease,” states Dr. Guitar.

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Veterinary Hospital Brownwood, TX Today, the majority of the patients that come in for treatment are horses, and the facility is designed to handle any horse treatment or surgery needed.  Dogs and cats make up a smaller portion of the client load, but horses really make up the heart of the business.

In July, 2010, Guitar Veterinary Services hired Jessica Cohen as an associate veterinarian to help with all phases of the practice.  

Education--the human kind-- is a primary objective at Guitar's vet clinic.  Dr. Guitar and his staff take extraordinary steps to assure each human client receives a detailed explanation of the treatment given to his or her's animal.  There is no such thing as a dumb question at this clinic, a fact that is really appreciated by the human clients.

When not busy practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Guitar and his wife Mitzi are enjoying their cutting horses.  With Fort Worth, Texas just a few hours away, they stay involved with the NCHA through competing and showing.

Our Patient Philosophy

  • A patient is the most important person in the institution--in person or by mail.
  • A patient is not dependent on us--we are dependent on them.
  • A patient is not an interruption of our work--it is the purpose of it.
  • The patient is not an outsider to our business...they are our business.
  • The patient is not someone to argue or match wits with.
  • The patient is a person and not a statistic.
  • It is our job to satisfy them.
  • Guitar Vet Clinic uses Cutting Edge Technology 

Animal Hospital Brownwood, TX One of our goals is to integrate technology into our practice in order to improve patient care and client satisfaction.  With that goal in mind, we are pleased to announce the purchase of the 30 Watt C02 Surgical Laser System shown at right, manufactured by Cutting Edge Laser Technologies.  

Our team is 100% dedicated to our patients health and safety. Our practice is committed to helping the horses and other animals that we work with. Our team is very experienced with equine veterinary services and provides some of the best veterinary care in Brownwood, TX.

Laser surgery is recognized in human and veterinary medicine for its benefits to both patient and surgeon.  The clinical benefits of laser surgery are numerous and include:

Reduced Pain 

The CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings as it cuts through tissue.  This reduces the amount of pain the patient feels during and after surgery.

Reduced Bleeding

The CO2 laser beam cauterizes and seals small blood vessels as it cuts.  This laser energy achieves hemostasis and provides the surgeon with a bloodless surgical field in most procedures.

Reduced Swelling

There is no physical contact between the laser and the surgical region, eliminating the tearing and bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgical methods. Lymphatic vessels are also sealed.

Equine Veterinarian Brownwood, TX Reduced Infection

Laser energy acts as an antibacterial agent by producing high temperatures, effectively eliminating microorganisms

Quicker Recovery

As a result of all the above, laser surgery provides the benefit that we think clients will appreciate the most: a quicker recovery for their prized horse, dog or pet. Of the 280 mares bred in 2010 at Guitar Veterinary Services, 96% of them were pronounced safe-in-foal.  We have a team of experienced, full-time veterinarians on staff including Dr. David Guitar, a life-long horseman and cutting horse competitor, who understands the needs of today's horse owners.

Products & Services

General Medicine

Vaccination, De-worming, Nutritional Counseling, Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Equine Surgery and Reproduction

Collect and process semen, Freeze and store equine semen, Collect and transfer embryos, Sex equine embryos, Perform artificial  insemination

Hospital Facility

Intensive care for ill patients, In house blood work gives, Immediate results, 24/7 video monitoring of all, Patients


over 800 equine reproduction ultrasounds performed in 2009, Verify pregnancies as early as 12 days, Check for twins, Diagnose uterine problems, Diagnose joint, tendon and ligament damage, Diagnose deep tissue swellings such as hematoma and abscesses

Digital, Computerized Radiography (X-Ray)

Used in diagnosing lameness and other internal medicine problems, Provides instant image that can be manipulated/tweaked for improved diagnostic imagery

Equine Surgery

Surgery room has an electric hoist for moving and positioning the horse, Inhalant gas anesthesia with assisted respiratory support, we may use I.V. anesthesia for short-term procedures


Aids in pre-purchase and lameness evaluations


Performance Floats, General Floating procedures

Lameness issues

IRAP injections, PRP injections, Extra corporal shock wave therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic manipulation, Laser therapy

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